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BurgerTime is a classic arcade game created in 1982 by Data East Corporation. The game was originally titled Hamburger, but was changed to BurgerTime before its introduction to the United States. As chef Peter Pepper, you have entered a world of gigantic hamburger ingredients and animated food. You must make hamburgers by walking over hamburger ingredients while avoiding pursuing characters (such as Mr. Egg, Mr. Pickle and Mr. Hot Dog).. Data East USA licensed BurgerTime for distribution by Bally Midway.

In 2003, when Data East went bankrupt, the Japanese company G-Mode purchased the intellectual property rights to BurgerTime, BurgerTime Deluxe, Super BurgerTime, and Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory [read article here].

According to Twin Galaxies, the world record high score on BurgerTime is 11,512,500 points, achieved by Bryan L. Wagner of Turbotville, Pennsylvania on September 19, 2008 at the Funspot Family Fun Center in Weirs Beach, New Hampshire.

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