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Joust - the GameJoust (Williams 1982) is a classic arcade game where you control a lance wielding knight, whose stead is a flying ostrich (or a stork, if you are player 2). Widely popular in many arcades, the game's original theme, simple controls and fun gameplay earned Joust a place among gaming history. (If you wish to PLAY JOUST ONLINE, visit Midway's Classic Games section)

Joust has had many clones over the years, including DragonHawk (Commodore 64), Glypha III (Macintosh), Ostron (ZX Spectrum) and Winged Warlords (ZX Spectrum), In addition, the 1984 NES game called Balloon Fight holds many similarities to Joust.

Over the years, Joust has been ported to various gaming systems. For a complete list, visit the about section of this site.

This site is a shrine to the classic arcade game. Browse the site to see the game walkthrough, deskop images, flyers and game graphics. If you would like to submit something to this site, contact us.

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