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Pac-Man Characters

Pac-Man - The Main Character


Pac-Man is the player's character and the protagonist of the game. His goal is to eat all of the pellets on each board, avoid being caught by his counterparts, munch on fruit, and power up to defeat his enemies. His controls are based on the users movements. Left, Right, Up and Down.

Blinky, aka Shadow, Pac-Man Ghost

Blinky / Shadow:

Blinky begins each level moving at the same speed as all of the other ghosts, but after you've eaten a certain number of dots, he begins to speed up. It is customary to refer to this change as the point when he takes on the identity of 'Cruise Elroy' . Blinky becomes Cruise Elroy earlier and earlier as you progress to higher and higher levels as illustrated in the following table.

Accelerates when...
20 dots remaining
30 dots remaining
40 dots remaining
40 dots remaining
40 dots remaining
50 dots remaining
50 dots remaining
50 dots remaining
60 dots remaining
60 dots remaining

Unlike the other ghosts, Blinky will also tend to follow close on your tail even when you turn and will often still chase you even in scatter mode.

Pinky, aka Speedy, Pac-Man Ghost

Pinky / Speedy

Pinky, Inky and Clyde always move at the same speed relative to one another so the name Speedy is plainly misleading. Pinky seems to have a tendency to go around blocks in an anticlockwise direction unlike Blinky and Clyde who seem to prefer going clockwise. This means that if Blinky and Pinky reach the opposite side of a block to where you are, they'll come at you from opposite sides of it. They can often trap you like this so be careful of this deadly duo.

Inky, aka Bashful, Pac-Man Ghost

Inky / Bashful

Inky is dangerous because he's unpredictable. Given the same choices, he will often take different turns at different times. There might be rhyme and reason to his behaviour, but we haven't recognised it yet. One theory is that Inky's behaviour depends on his proximity to Blinky almost as if he is too afraid to act on his own (like some people who never go to a cinema by themselves). Another unconfirmed theory about Inky is that he will often turn off if Pac-Man charges him. These theories might have emerged as a result Inky's nickname (Bashful), the same kind of reasoning that has lead many authorities to believe erroneously that Pinky (aka Speedy) is actually faster than the other ghosts. For this reason, we have decided to reserve our judgement until further evidence can be obtained.

Clyde, aka Pokey, Pac-Man Ghost

Clyde / Pokey

Clyde is either short-sighted or stupid. He will often turn off rather than approach you. His heart doesn't seem to be in it at all. A consequence of Clyde's unwillingness to take part is that it's often hard to round all of the ghosts up into a single cluster which is nice to do just before eating a power pill.

Blinky, Pac-Man Ghost
Pinky, Pac-Man Ghost
Inky, Pac-Man Ghost
Clyde, Pac-Man Ghost
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