Maniac Mansion

Maniac Mansion, the 1987 adventure game.
Maniac Mansion, the Classic 1987 Point-and-Click Adventure Game.

Back in 1987, LucasArts introduced a revolutionary graphic adventure game to the world. Maniac Mansion took the gaming community by storm with its witty catch-phrases and humorous plot.

The first time I played Maniac Mansion was on a bootlegged Commodore 64 version, at the age of 12. With no instructions, and having never heard of the game, my cousin and I began to explore the front of the mansion. At the time, we thought the graphics were amazing (oh, how times have changed), but we couldn't figure out what to do. It wasn't until I told my cousin to try and "pickup the door mat", that the game truly revealed itself. My cousin found the key, opened the door and our journey truly began. Together (yes, adventure games are much more fun as a shared experience), we found items and solved puzzles. It was slow at first, with no hint guide, or tips, but the journey was entertaining and still brings back memories. The first time you meet green tentacle ... figuring out how to sneak passed Edna ... learning what Syd (or Razor) can do with the hamster and the microwave. The not only lives in my memory, and those of other fans, but also inspired many other games in the genre. It spawned a popular sequel in 1993 (Day of the Tentacle), and was even adapted into a three-season television series of the same name

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Enter the Mansion with Dave and His Friends to Rescue Sandy
Enter the Mansion with Dave and His Friends to Rescue Sandy

This site is a shrine to Maniac Mansion, a game that brought laughter and joy to so many. This site contains details about the game, paths to completion, screen shots, wallpaper, icons and more. This site does NOT provide the game for download, as the game is copyrighted and property of LucasArts. However, if you wish to obtain a copy, you can try an auction site, or some other legal method. If you are more nefarious, search the web or try some torrent sites (finding a copy isn't very difficult).

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