Michael Walkthrough How to Win the Game Using Michael

Overview: Michael is an award winning photographer for the school paper. He needs to befriend Weird Ed. First, Michael needs to get Ed his secret commando package (which is being delievered to the mansion). When Michael gives Ed his package, Ed will ask you to find his secret plans. You can find the plans outside the mansion, near the front steps (only after you give Ed his package). Michael needs get the film develop it and return the prints to Weird Ed. Ed will then be willing to help the kids get into Dr. Fred's lab.

Note: The screenshots below are used to show location, and not characters. So the walkthrough may refer to one character, but show another in the screenshot. In addition, the game can be completed using only two characters, but to speed up gameplay, we use the third character to do certain tasks. For example, we could have Dave come all the way back down to the front of the mansion to empty the pool, but use the third character instead.

Picture Perfect Ending

Switch to Michael
[Front Door, Main Hall]

Enter the Mansion
Get the key and enter the Mansion

Walk to the front door, pick up the doormat and the key underneath. Unlock the front door with the key and go inside. Move to the right gargoyle, on the stair's banister, and push it. You will see the door to the right open. Now switch to Dave.

Switch to Dave

Getting into the basement
Pushing the gargoyle is the key to open the basement door

Have Dave enter the mansion, and go into the door that was just opened (to the right of the stairs). Proceed down to the basement, and turn on the light switch (optional). Now, walk left past the reactor and pickup the silver key that is hanging next to the circuit box. Go back upstairs and quickly switch to Michael.

Switch to Michael

Leave the mansion and go left, and position Michael by the mailbox. Later in the game, you will hear the doorbell and you see a cutscene of Weird Ed leaving his room. At that time, switch to Michael and pick up the package before Ed gets to the door (You don't have to wait for the cutscene, just keep on playing, but soon as you hear the doorbell, switch and pick up the package). DO NOT LET ED PICKUP HIS OWN PACKAGE.

Switch to Dave
[Kitchen, Pantry, Library, Art Room, Green Tentacle Room, Music Room, Front Door]

Get Through the Kitchen
Go right through the Kitchen, and then move left to avoid getting caught by Nurse Edna

Now, SAVE, as you risk getting caught. Enter the door to the kitchen (the door next to the front door, to the left of the stairs). In the kitchen, keep moving right until Nurse Edna starts to chase you - immediately turn around and move left out of the kitchen. Don't get caught! If successful, you should appear near the front door, and Edna will be gone (if you fail, you will end up in the dungeon). Now, go back into the kitchen (Edna will be gone) and pick up the flashlight. Open the refrigerator and pick up the can of Pepsi. Now go into the room to your right. Go through the dining room and enter the next room (Pantry). Pick up the fruit drinks and the glass jar. Pickup the bottle of developer - it will shatter on the floor grating. Now, go back through the dining room, past the kitchen and into the main hall (the large room with the stairs).

Get the cassette tape
Open the loose panel (to the right of Dave) and get the cassette tape

Now, move all the way right, and open the farthest door (to the living room). Move right through the room (past the radio and chandelier), and go into the next room (the library). Find the lamp and turn it on. Go to the far right of the bookcase and open the loose panel. Pick up the cassette tape. Go back to the main hall and climb the stairs. Go into the room to your left (art room). Pick up the paint remover and the bowl of wax fruit (If you are playing the deluxe version, pickup the paint brush). Exit. Go through the steel security door.

Go all the way to the right and up the stairs. Here you'll encounter the Green Tentacle. Give him the bowl of wax fruit and then the fruit drinks. Go up the stairs and enter the first door. Pick up the dime and climb the ladder to the left (up to Green Tentacle's room). Pick up the record and the yellow key. Go back into the hall, skip the next two doors and enter the forth. Use the Hunk-O-Matic Machine (in earlier versions of the game, you have to use the machine 3 times). Go right and go through the door, into the bathroom. Pickup the sponge.

The Music Room
From record to cassette

Go back downstairs to the 2nd floor of the main hall (the level where the art room is, and the security door). Enter the room to the far right (the music room). Use the cassette tape in the tape recorder and use the record on the victrola (the record from Green Tentacle's room, not the recond that is found in this room). Turn on the cassette recorder (starts recording), and then turn on the victrola. Wait for the vase on the piano to shatter. Then turn off the victrola and recorder, and pick up the cassette tape. Exit the room.

The key in the chandelier
Get the key in the chandelier

Go down the stairs and into the room to the right. Open the cabinet door, use the cassette tape in the cassette player and turn it on. Wait for the glass chandelier to fall, then turn the cassette player off and pick up the cassette tape. Pick up the old rusty key. This key is your way out of the dungeon, so if you get caught use this key to get free. Go outside. Give the key (the one you found under the doormat), old rusty key and sponge to Michael. By now the package should have arrived and Michael should be the one to have it (if you picked it up). If the package hasn't arrived yet then wait, it can't take be much longer. Or you can go ahead and position the 3rd person at the mailbox to pick up the package when it arrives. Meanwhile you can continue with Dave and Michael.

Switch to Michael
[Front Door]

Give the package to Dave.

Switch to Dave
[Swimming Pool]

Open the package, some uncanceled stamps should fall off. Go to the left bush next to the front door steps. Pull the bush and then pull the grate (the grate will only open if you used the hunk-o-matic machine, and are strong enough). Go back inside and go through the kitchen, past the dining room, and into the pantry. Unlock the door with the silver key and go through. Use the glass jar with the swimming pool.

Switch to Michael
[Under the Mansion]

Go through the grating (that was opened by strong Dave). Walk to the right, under the house. Use the sponge ont he puddle of developer. Keep moving right until you get to the valve. SAVE, because the game can end quicky here - turn on the water valve, emptying the pool and shutting down the cooling system for the reactor. Switch to Dave fast.

Switch to Dave
[Pool Bottom]

Bottom of the pool
Act fast, grab the key and the radio

Quickly, go down the ladder, pick up the radio and the glowing key. Whatever you do, DO NOT PUSH THE RED BUTTON! Go back up the ladder.

Switch to Michael
[Under the Mansion]

Turn the water valve back off (otherwise there's a meltdown, and your game is over.)

Switch to Dave
[Garage, Weight Room]

Getting the tools from the garage
The garage

Open the gate, walk through it and open the garage door (only someone who used the hunk-o-matic can open the garage). Open the trunk with the yellow key and pick up the tools. Do not use the yellow key in the Edsel, only use it on the trunk (this is important - you need the tools to complete the game, and starting the car will ruin that chance). Go back upstairs and enter the room with the Hunk-O-Matic machine.

Switch to Michael
[Front Door]

You may want to SAVE here. Go back through the grate, to the front of the mansion, and push the doorbell. Hurry and get inside and go into the kitchen.

Switch to Dave
[Ed's Room, Plant Room]

Weird Ed's Room
While Ed is gone, grab everything! Rob the piggy bank too!

You will see a cutscene of Weird Ed saying that someone is at the door. Wait a second for him to leave his room, then go into the hall. Open the first door to your immediate left and enter. Pick up the hamster, then the card key. Open the piggy bank and pick up a dime (only two dimes are required to complete the game). Exit the room and go right, through the last door. Wait for Weird Ed to answer the door, and give him some time to return to his room. Exit the room and go into Weird Ed's room again. Give Weird Ed the package before he throws you into the dungeon. Leave the room, and go into the far right room with the man-eating plant.

Switch to Michael
[Front Door, Dark Room, Ed's Room, Plant Room]

Develop the Film
Michael's Photography

Go outside to the front of the mansion. There should now be a roll of film, to the right of the front steps (it will only appear after someone give's Ed his package). Pick up the undeveloped film. Enter the mansion, and go upstairs. Go through the security doors. Head right and go up the stairs. Enter the first door you come to (the dark room). Close the door (in earlier versions of the game, this is very important). Use the sponge with developer in the developing tray. Use the undeveloped film in the developing tray. You will end up with prints. Leave the room, and go upstairs. Enter Weird Ed's room. Give Ed the prints, and he'll tell you to meet him in the lab in 10 minutes (don't worry about the time). Leave the room, and head far right, into the room with the man-eating plant.

Switch to Dave
[Plant Room, Wires Room]

Use the paint remover on the paint blotch (in the deluxe version, you have to open the paint remover, and then use the paint brush on the paint remover, and then use the paint brush on the paint splotch). Enter the door. Find the light and turn it on. Open the radio. Use the batteries in the flashlight (not the old batteries from the fridge, they don't last long enough).

Switch to Michael
[Dungeon, Basement]

Just check and be sure that Dave gave Michael the old rusty key. If so, walk into Edna or Ed's room, and get thrown into the dungeon. Use the old rusty key to unlock the dungeon door, and enter the basement. You may want to SAVE here, as a possible meltdown could occur. Open the curcuit box, and turn off the power. Quickly switch to Dave.

Switch to Dave
[Wires Room]

Fix the wires
Minor repair work.

Turn on the flashlight and use the tools on the wires. Then quickly Switch to Michael.

Switch to Michael
[Basement, Plant Room]

Turn on the circuit breakers and go upstairs. If you do this quick enough, you will avoid running into the purple tentacle and getting captured (alternatively, you can go back into the dungeon and wait for his basement cutscene, then leave again). Go upstairs into the room with the man-eating plant.

Switch to Dave
[Plant Room, Observatory]

Really powerful telescope
The really powerful telescope

Go down, into the room with the man-eating plant. Use the jar with water on the plant (it will grow). Use the can of Pepsi on the plant (it will burp). Climb the plant, and you will be in a room with a really powerful telescope. Use a dime in the slot, then push the right button (it will rotate). Use another dime in the slot, and push the right button again (it will rotate again).

Switch to Third Person
[Edna's Room]

Distract Edna
Get past Edna

Bring the third person up to the floor where Dave and Michael are. You may want to SAVE. Have him/her enter Edna's room (to the left of Weird Ed's Room, and to the right of the room with the radio). She will capture him and take him to the dungeon.

Switch to Michael
[Edna's Room, Safe Room]

Wall safe
Opening the safe

Exit and enter Edna's room. Quickly grab the small key (optional) and then go up the ladder (far right). Find and turn on the light, then open the painting - there is a safe behind it.

Switch to Dave

Use the telescope to read the combination code. Write this down.

Switch to Michael
[Safe Room, Edna's Room, Dungeon]

Open the safe with the combination code, pick up the sealed envelope and exit. DO NOT OPEN IT! Go down the ladder and get caught by Edna (she will take you to the dungeon).

Switch to Dave
[Ed's Room, Dungeon]

Go into Weird Ed's room. He will capture you, and throw you in the dungeon (this is a quick way downstairs).

Switch to Michael

Everyone should be in the dungeon. Give Dave the envelope.

Switch to Dave
[Dungeon, Game Room, Dungeon, Secret Lab]

Unsealing the envelope is a key to winning the game with other characters, but the envelope is unnecessary when playing with Michael - So just rip open the envelope and get the quarter.

The game room
Everyone wants to play Meteor Mess

At this point, you should have seen a cutscene of Dr. Fred playing the Meteor Mess arcade game - if you have not seen this cutscene yet, then you need to wait for it before going to the game room. Once the cutscene occurs, go to the game room (top of the main hall stairs, through the security door, past the exam room and into the door before the stairs). Use the quarter in the Meteor Mess game. Write down the top high score, this is the code to open the door to Dr. Ed's lab. Leave the game room, and go up to Edna's room in order to get tossed into the dungeon.

In the dungeon, open the upper and lower padlock with the Glowing Key. Next use the code to open the second door. SAVE - you are near the end, but you can still lose if you take too long to complete your tasks.

Confronting the purple tentacle
Getting past the Purple Tentacle

At this point, there are two endings to the game. You can continue using Dave. Or you can see an alternative ending if you kill Dave and use another character to finish the game (just make sure that Dave gives the other character the card key and yellow key before he dies.

Dispose of the meteor
Dispose of the Meteor

Once inside the lab, the Purple Tentacle will approach you. Weird Ed will show up and take care of the Purple Tentacle, opening your path to the lab. Enter the lab. Watch the brief cutscene of Dr. Fred initiating the self-destruct code. Go to the right of the lab, quickly, and open the locker. Pickup the Radiation Suit. Use the card key in the slot next to the door to open it. Pull the switch once inside the Meteor's room (and watch another Dr. Fred cutscene). Quickly pick up the Meteor and open the door to the right. Put the Meteor in the trunk of the Edsel and close the trunk. Use the Yellow Key to get the Edsel started and you're finished!