In 1988, Interplay published the role-playing adventure/action game "Neuromancer", an adaptation of the novel "Neuromancer" by William Gibson. The first part of the game takes place in Chiba City where the player needs to hack various terminals and visit different places from the novel, while the second part involves fighting Artificial Intelligence (AIs) in cyberspace, with the aim of preventing the AIs Neuromancer and Greystoke from taking over the Matrix.

The game actually takes part after the events of the novel, so the storyline differs significantly from the original story. The character you play gets is not Case, even though he gets into a lot of the same situations as Case, and a few characters in the game make reference to Case as someone who they had met previously. The title song is a digitized version (created by Dave Warhol) of the song "Some Things Never Change" by Devo.

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