Experience the vast, open-ended space-trading game called Privateer. The game lets you make friends/enemies with any of the in-game factions (Pirates, Retros, Kilrathi, Confed, Merchants). You can choose the path of a trader, and transport goods across the galaxy for profit . Or choose the path of a mercenary, and hunt down the most wanted villian's of the universe. Or, choose the path of a smuggler and sneak illegal goods past Confed and local militia. The game is unique, as the plot is optional, and the universe is open for you to explore.

Privateer us a fantastic game that was born in 1993. It spawned an add-on / expansion (Righteous Fire) and eventually a sequal (Privateer 2: The Darkening). More recently, other companies have sought to reclaim Privateer's fame with Freelancer (Microsoft) and X2: The Threat (Egosoft/Enlight). Unfortunately, although these newer games offer much to be admired, they still fall short of the original Privateer.

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